Rabbit Rabbit

I was up early this morning, and saw two or three random posts on twitter that said something like “rabbit rabbit.” I was struck by this phrase, and found it odd that several random/unrelated people I follow on Twitter were all saying this.

A quick search later, I found that uttering the phrase “rabbit rabbit” is meant to bring you luck, if uttered at the start of the month.

A few other variations I read about involve making a wish on the last night of the month, coupled with uttering “rabbit rabbit” upon waking.

How is it that I’ve gone this long without ever knowing such a thing existed? Today was literally the first time I’ve ever heard this, and I’ve been living with rabbits since 2007. Absolutely clueless about this ritual/superstition until now.

I guess we do count ourselves lucky, with Daisy and Phineas bopping around the house.

Rabbit rabbit.

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    • I might have heard this a long while ago, back when I was a boy scout and camping more. What strange rituals we have, regarding rabbits.

      avoision Reply

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