An Unexpected Reversal of Fortune

After arriving home from my birthday dinner, Liz and I change into our comfoy clothes and crawl into bed to wach some TV. The Oscars were starting, and I kind of just dozed slightly.

On waking up maybe 20-30 minutes later, I started to feel a little unwell. That feeling gradually grew worse and worse.

The last thing I remember on the TV was Jordan Peele, accepting an Oscar for Best Screenplay. Or something like that, as I was rushing up the stairs to go throw up.

Not pictured here: me, throwing up for about 2 hours.

While I felt a little better after the first time, I had at least two more rounds in me it seemed. I felt slightly better after each time, and kind of just sat on the edge of the tub, recuperating.

After a while, Liz brought up a blanket for me, so that I might be able to just sleep in the bathroom (I thought that might be safer).

After my third go, I decided I was done and made my way down to bed. I got pretty cold, being upstairs… and it took me a long while before I warmed up.

Unfortunately, it appeared that I got some kind of food poisoning. I was wondering if maybe the food was just too rich, and my body wasn’t able to handle things… but I’ve had all of this stuff before.

We’ve gone to Bavette’s many times before, and I usually splurge and get oysters with my steak. So I’m guessing the oysters were what did me in here.

It’s a total bummer, because that was not an inexpensive meal. It’s like I paid someone a lot of money so that I could spend a few hours in my bathroom.

Not the best of omens, for my birthday. I guess the good thing is I’ve gotten all the bad stuff out of the way. Hopefully.

Early Birthday Dinner at Bavette’s

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