A Deep and Persistent Ache

So the thing about throwing up? It leaves you feeling sore. Like, muscle-achy, I just went to the gym for the first time this year kind of sore.

Liz was joking around with me, saying “You got a workout!” Which I guess in true, in some sense. My abs hurt, and every time I cough or sneeze (or even burp), I feel this aching jolt go through my upper chest.

There’s a particular strand of muscles, located somewhere near/beneath my right pectoral. I don’t even know how to describe it, as it feels like it’s buried inside my chest. But every time I cough or sneeze, that thing lights up like a Christmas tree.

I’m baffled that whatever muscle this is even exists. Have I never used it ever, before now? Does it only ever get used when vomiting? It’s a total freaking mystery.

It’s almost 48 hours since that horrible incident, and though my stomach has returned to normal… my body still feels like it’s still in recovery mode. There’s a physical residue that I’m still working through.

I don’t know what the takeaway is here: that it was truly that severe a case of food poisoning… or I am truly that out of shape?

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