Ratt and Marvin Gaye: I Heard It Round and Round the Grapevine

There are mashups where two songs are kind of made to fit together… and then there’s whatever sorcery Bill McClintock invoked to create this stunning combination of Ratt and Marvin Gaye.

And if you’ve never seen either of the originals? Well, here you go:

“I Heard It Through the Grapevine”, by Marvin Gaye. “Round and Round”, by Ratt. And yes, that would be Milton Berle (twice, no less).

Lately, the Internet has been all about people yelling at one another. I’m delighted when I find something like this – a creative, personal project that brings a little joy into the world. It reminds me of the Internet I knew from 5-10 years ago.

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