A Delayed Discovery: Birthday Balloons in the Car

Liz and I got up early today, to meet up with Michelle and Mike for brunch. When we got outside to the car… this is what I saw!

The whole car, totally filled with balloons!

The whole time, I was saying “Honey, what did you do?” And also “We can’t drive like this” over and over again.

She got the trunk too!

So it turns out, Liz spent several days slowly filling the car up with balloons. She pretended to work in the basement one night, and had to secretly move balloons out from the basement to the car bit by bit.

I guess she also had to rely on cover of darkness, and hid some balloons in various spots (including the backyard), without me ever being the wiser.

Most Fridays, I drive in to work. But since I was meeting friends for drinks on Friday, I opted to take the train/bus in… and planned on using Lyft to get home.

When Liz and I were talking, she also had an event Friday evening. So I said I’d pick her up on my way home, thinking that I would also use my Lyft ride to get her. What she had heard was that I would be driving my car in on Friday, and would pick her up.

When we went to sleep Thursday evening, it became clear that I wasn’t driving the car Friday… and Liz became concerned I wouldn’t see my balloon surprise (something she kept quiet about for days).

So I left the house Friday AM, and totally missed the balloon-filled car. And when we got home Friday evening, I didn’t see it then either. The whole time Liz bit her lip, and just let it slide until Saturday morning… when I finally got to see my surprise up close.

In order for us to drive – we had to pop all the balloons. When I wondered aloud how we might do this, I looked over to see Liz had brought a small box of pins with her. Always planning ahead.

So we had to quickly *pop* all the balloons in the car, before driving off to brunch.

A fun thing happened: as we were popping balloons, our neighbors Bernie and Carol Jean happened to walk out of their house. They passed by, and saw we were furiously popping balloons (which must have looked quite funny). They seemed really tickled when we explained what we were doing, and wished me a happy birthday.

Glad I wasn’t the only one to get to see this awesome (belated) birthday balloon surprise.

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