Before the Rainbow

On the way home from work, I passed by Daley Plaza and noticed a significantly larger spray of water than normal. Getting closer, I saw that there was some kind of circular, sea-shell type shape at work.

I wandered near where a lot of hoses and wires were located, and spotted this station. When I asked a security guard nearby what was going on, all he said to me was “Rainbow.”

I got pretty lucky, as I hung around here for a few minutes… but anyone else who came by, the security guard chased them away. There were a few technicians wandering in and out, but no one really seemed to have time for any questions – so I just observed.

The one thing I did catch was some mention of “6:00 PM.” Since it was just after 5:00 PM, I opted to leave without seeing whatever display hey had in store. I’m assuming that with the projector in the background (and another on top), they were going to light up the water from a distance.

A closer look at where the spray was. A pretty impressive pool setup!

Afer I got home I found out what the whole event was for. In the background (above), there’s a small little station. What you can’t see on the other side is a McDonald’s logo – and the fact that this station was giving out free Shamrock Shakes.

My guess is tha the rainbow itself was also part of the promotion, and was meant to guide people to the free shakes at the “end of the rainbow.”

I’ve been waiting to see some images of the rainbow online, but so far no dice. Even though it’s a marketing thing, I bet it looked cool.

Not Rats, Rainbow
Double Rainbow

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