Head Down, Go Go

I’ve been working on a new feature at work this week, and it’s been very all-consuming. The days this week have been pretty solid, with me feeling like I’ve been going full-steam from when I sit down to when I get up to leave. All in a good way.

I’ve gotten a chance to use CSS Grid Layout, and really enjoying the process of setting up some newer components. A lot of other team members have been doing a lot of tech debt work, and doing a lot of behind-the-scene improvements… so I feel very lucky to be working on something that’s going to end up being a distinctive, visually noticed redesign of some elements.

The work this week has involved a good bit of abstraction, a lot of unit tests. I guess you could call it being in the “zone” though for me, this week… it’s been a lot heavier on the productivity side of things, versus the euphoric side… if you know what I mean.

I was a bit nervous at the start of the week, as I knew how much needed to get done during this current sprint. But with each day, I got a decent amount of work knocked out and behind me… and I’ve just been chugging along at a good clip.

Solid days, good days.

[Photo via Braden Collum]

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