Finally, the Cross Braces

After another busy day at work, the last thing I really wanted to do was “house night.” But it was on the calendar, and I trudged my way downstairs where Liz was busy measuring things up.

We have a set of new lights to put up, and we needed to measure out our center point across all the joists. We got to use a laser level, and put up a few marks on painter’s tape at the joists where we’ll have lights.

I was pretty low energy, and my head was pretty fuzzy… but Liz got me back on track after a bit. Once we got the center line placed, we shifted to removing the cross braces in the main basement area.

Despite Bob’s assurances that we could remove them without concern, I’ve been hesitant to take them out without knowing how soon we’d put things back in place. This has led to a bit of double-work for us, with our needing to now go back and touch-up the exposed joists with more paint.

But! We’re in good shape, as we have a whole slew of newer cross braces to install.

Though we didn’t really get going until about 6:30PM with the cross braces, we made short work of them.

Or should I say that Liz made short work of them. I was trudging along at a snail’s pace, while she was just on a tear.

A little more paint, and a new set of cross braces… coming up!

Made It to the End!
Painting the Basement Joists

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