Basement Work, Upstairs Plans

Bob came by Sunday morning, and spent a very full and long day with us at the house. Before his arrival, Liz and I were moving a few of the power tools back downstairs (because this is how we live now, moving things back and forth in our house).

As empty as the basement’s been, it’s starting to look full again!

For most of the morning, Bob was doing some woodworking while Liz and I tackled painting the walls (and touching up some of the joists, where the cross braces used to be).

After lunch, the three of us talked longer-term plans for the comnig months… and then walked the rooms upstairs, on the second floor.

Back down in the basement, Bob created some jigs to help us with placing our basement lights. Here, he’s showing Liz how to use a pocket screw jig to prepare a 2×4 that will be used to mount the lights.

One bit of wood, ready to go.

The pocket screws will attach the 2×4 to the joist space. The two screws in the middle are spaced to match the holes in the lights. And since each joist is just slightly different in width, we’ll be measuring this out a few times.

With the help of this jig though, we should hopefully save a lot of time mounting those lights. Did a lot of prep work, and looking forward to the actual installation soon.

Clearing the Basement
Finally, the Cross Braces
Made It to the End!

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