The Beginning of the Stairs

Liz and I worked on the basement a bit after work. We joined Bob (who had been at our place since midday), and were tackling smaller odds and ends as he began work on the stairs.

He had laid out all the dimensions and steps, and was working on cutting the stringers.

Breaking out the hand saw.

Bob made short work of this piece, but it’s due to all the planning and thinking (and layout work) he had done previously, that made it seem so easy.

Checking out the placement of the first stringer. And of course, Liz tries out the fake stairs trick, at the first chance she gets.

While Bob was doing his thing, I was doing some paint and touch-up work on the joists and Liz was measuring the joists where our lights are going to go (and cutting 2x4s to fit). She also got all the 2×4 mounts measured and ready.

We’re all excited to see the stairs start to take shape. We’ve got some more Visqueen and drywall work to do, before the stringers go in… but we continue to keep going down here in the basement.

The Office Under the Stairs
Stair Repairs and Tackling an Odd Shape

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