Stratus: Interactive, Collaborative Piano Installation

Created by musicians Ólafur Arnalds & Halldór Eldjárn, Stratus is a piano installation project that allows people from all over the world to influence the music produced.

Users can click buttons to increase either the intensity or complexity of the music. And icons appear at the bottom of the page, indicating the country of each visitor.

One thing I found kind of neat: bass notes are only played when new visitors arrive. More info on the project is here.

I do have to say that, depsite clicking a lot… I failed to really see any correlation between my actions and the music I heard. I know there’s to be some delay, but clicking the buttons really seemed to have little effect.

That said, listening to the music was incredibly soothing. And looking at it now (night time) compared to when I first saw it and took the screenshot above (early morning), it’s really neat that the light from the space changes.

I was also not aware of Piano Day, which apparently is today.


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