Easter Weekend at the Lakehouse: Day 2

Liz and I got to stay in the basement at the lakehouse, and that room always results in more sleep that we intended. Given that the room has no windows, it’s easy to lose track of time – and to roll out of bed around 9:30 or 10AM without thinking twice.

We had a very lazy morning at the house, and in the early afternoon… we all headed over to the nearby Fireside Tap and Grill. They had a special bourbon-barrel aged stout on tap, and that apparently was the place to be this weekend.

A shot of the side entrance. Kind of weird to include this, but it’s what I saw on arriving/entering, so I’m including it (for my own visual memory).

A quick view of the inside.

Meeting up with other friends of the family (we ended up taking over two tables).

I got a crash course in Keno, after spotting the forms that were available at each table. Though I didn’t end up placing any bets, I could see the appeal.

Watching the numbers slowly roll onto the screen, the nerd in me was reminded of “The Game”, from Star Trek: TNG.

Back at the house, Liz and I went for an afternoon stroll along the lake. It was cold, but we were able to do a quick pass of the shoreline and the nearby peninsula.

Liz remarked on this swing, as it was something she had played on often as a kid while up at the lake.

Out at the dock.

Looking over the peninsula.

It was cold, but felt nice to be right along the water.

A swan against the current.

Back at the house, we had an enormous lasagna for dinner. Though we had a lot of folks over, we barely made a dent in this thing.

Around 9 or 10PM, Brandon broke out Settlers of Catan, and a few of us set up a game. It was my second time playing, but I felt like I was learning the rules anew. L to R it’s Natalie, Lake, Brandon, and Liz.

While we had a slow start (we went 3-4 rounds with zero cards), we eventually got into a good position to be competitive. The game kept on going, due in part to the rule that we were restricting trades to direct one-on-one offers (no offering trades to the group).

One variation of trading that I enjoyed: Brandon offered to trade Lake for a single resource of his, in exchange for a future resource. I took that approach, and tried to bargain with probability: I give you one resource now, and if you get X resource on the next turn… I get it all.

The adults retired to bed long before we finished, as I think Lake eventually won the game around 2:00 AM. Quite the game, and quite the end to a long day.

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