Installing the Basement Lights

After all that painting in the basement, Liz and I were finally able to set up our basement lights. To start, we took the covers off of each light.

We needed the covers off in order to be able to access the two slots, which is what’s used to fasten/mount them. On looking inside, I Was surprised to see that the lights were actually small strips of LEDs.

One of two jigs that Bob helped create for us, to ensure that we would consistently install our cross beam at the right height in each joist space.

Lined up and ready to go.

Liz, tapping one of the cross pieces into place.

One of two cross pieces set up. The two screws in the middle are positioned to line up with the two slots on either end of each light.

We… cut it a little close on this one, in terms pf placement.

Installed! No electrical just yet, but we have our lights in place. A few more tasks and we’re really heading out of the basement!

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