Liz the Maker

This morning, I noticed the nice top Liz was wearing and asked her if she made it. Anymore, I can no longer tell if a particular item of clothing has been purchased from a store, or created by her hand. Liz is quite the maker.

As we were walking to work, she joked to me that of the various things she had on… the top was the
only thing that she actually purchased, and didn’t make. When I realized the extent to which her ensemble was all hand-made, I insisted on a photo.

So here she is, with her various projects identified. So starting on the bottom right, she made the skirt, and also the Garden Jacket. She also knitted the scarf, as well as the gloves she was wearing.

She also created her own (jackalope-themed) tote bag, as well as the project bag inside the tote bag.

And as an extra kicker, inside that tote she’s got not one but two different projects that she switches between: one she works on during the train ride, and one she works on over lunch.

The Matching Accessories
Liz Projects

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