Joining Grubhub

I am excited to announce that at the end of this month, I’ll be taking on a developer role at Grubhub.

I’m joining a strong, solid team of developers. I’ve seen the way they work together on features, and have even seen how the team has evolved/adapted over time to improve their processes. I like how the team goes about tackling/solving problems, and in particular… I like how they think about and talk about code.

This new role at Grubhub is a tremendous opportunity, and I know for a fact I will be learning and growing a great deal as a developer. I look forward to joining my team, and adding my efforts alongside theirs.

I’ve long been a fan (and frequent user) of Grubhub. While I was always vaguely aware of other companies that offered a similar service, ordering food was to me synonymous with Grubhub.

As an ex-English major, I was always particularly taken with the “tone” of the site. In their communications, the voice of the site/app/company always felt very friendly and distinctive. Enough so that it made me notice.

Given the company’s activities over the last 6 months, my faith and belief in their future has only grown stronger. I’m excited to become a part of Grubhub, excited to become a part of the team I’ll be joining, and excited for what comes next.

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