Demo in the Master Bedroom

It’s been a while since we last worked in the master bedroom. But with the basement wrapping up, I’m shifting my focus to the second floor. More specifically: the second floor floors.

With me on a kind of staycation between jobs, it’s a good chance for me to really put in some hours on the house and get some work done. Stealing an hour or two after we get home from work is nice, but this week and next… I’m able to put in a solid run of hours.

Before starting on the floor, I had a bit of demo to finish off in the ceiling.

Plaster gone, with just the lathe left.

A surprise discovery: a bird’s nest, tucked in behind the lathe. I guess this was a nice place to hide from the elements. Definitely need to patch up the hole behind this area.

Winterizing and Demo Day

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