Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 2

More demo in the master bedroom! Got a bit more removed from the east wall (which we will eventually bust out, as it will lead into a new/future walk-in closet).

A bit of newspaper, discovered in the floor. I think someone cut strips of newspapers into rectangles, to use as shims for the floorboards.

Note the date: May 02, 1948.

With the floor removed, a few spots are left open. This is the view, looking down in to the kitchen.

In removing the floor, I also slowly reduced the available space I had to work on. I had a bit of plywood nearby, which helped. But things got tight as I progressed.

The process involved a lot of repetition. First, I’d remove a section of floorboards. Then I’d go and remove all of the nails. Then I’d take all the wood over to the office, and sweep up any of the debris/nails. Then I’d use the shop vac to clear out the dust/debris in each space I had just opened up

Rinse, repeat.

I had to follow this approach because the shop vac’s hose would only stretch so far. Rather than try to balance everything on the joists, I was able to mostly work off of the remaining wood as I went along. A slow process.

The floor, cleared away – mostly. Save for the little island where the temporary furnace is set up.

Oh, and I also took out the studs separating the master bedroom and guest room.

A view without the lights on. I was reminded a lot of the day when we demoed out all the walls up here.

Master bedroom floor, all cleared away. With all the nails gone and every space cleaned of debris, we’re now able to put down some insulation in the floors.

View of the master bedroom, from the guest room – sans wall.

Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 1

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  1. Wow, you were very efficient and did so much work! May I ask what kind of new flooring you were planning?
    Very exciting to the see so much progress! :-)

    M. Reply

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m actually not sure I remember what flooring we’re getting. The next step (after insulation and conduit) will be putting down plywood as the substrate. We’ll likely be using that for some time.

      My understanding of flooring is that it’s preferable to put the floors in all at once, for all rooms. So we’ll likely hold off on the flooring as one of the last steps.

      avoision Reply

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