Lunch with Chris at the Shamrock Club

After working pretty much every day this week, I decided to take today a little easier. I had a lunch set up with Chris, and we met up around 11:30 downtown at The Shamrock Club.

It was a nice bit of nostalgia to come here again, though it was a bit tough given the South Beach diet thing. Still on Phase 1, and still avoiding bread and alcohol… and with 90% of the menu being some kind of deep fried thing or another, lunch was a little tricky.

I ended up ordering a burger, and just had it without the bun. Works in a pinch. The harder bit was ordering a glass of water at a bar.

We got our table right as the place opened up, and it felt weird to see the place so empty. But, per Chris’s assertion, the place got pretty packed when the lunch crowd showed up.

Chris and I hadn’t hung out since Juliet’s birthday, and today was a nice bit of catching up. I got to hear a bit more about how things were going wtih NextRadio, and I got to talk a bit about my recent job changes.

I’m not sure how long we were there – maybe an hour, maybe a little more? We did get caught up a bit, but the time felt like it just flew by.

Funny thing: apparently on Fridays… the bill comes with some complimentary candy. Apparently, it wasn’t enough that I had to deny myself a beer over lunch. The universe decided that it also needed to taunt me a litle more, on my way out the door.

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