Guest Room Floor Demo

Made a big push today, and got the rest of the guest room floors up. With much of the ancillary side work out of the way, all that’s left was to just power through getting the remaining floorboards removed.

A cumbersome process – remove the boards, then remove the nails, then use the shop vac to clean out the spaces. Given how old the wood was, it splintered everywhere – and the larger splinters required removal by hand.

Cleaning each section as I went along was slow, but necessary given that I wanted to utilize the remaining floor for the shopvac.

In the photo above, you can see how dirty the spaces were, before getting in there with the shop vac.

The platform, shrinking.

Along the way, I removed a ton of nails. I want to say that there were one of these guys every 4 to 5 inches, per joist. Most came out with a little work, and maybe one out of every 10 or 20 required channel locks to pull them out.

Work day selfie.

The view of the floors, from the guest room looking to the master bedroom.

A view from the master bedroom, looking back.

The pile of wood from both rooms. It’s stacked in the office for now, and something I’ll be hauling down tomorrow for disposal. Not really looking forward to that.

Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 1
Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 2

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