Backyard Cleanup, Floor Demo Removal

Started the day off yesterday with a breakfast at Valois again. Partly because I wanted a little indulgence, and partly because I felt like I needed the extra fuel.

Before tackling all the floor boards, there were some larger rocks/items that needed to get removed from the backyard.

As I progressed, I found a few more piles.

And a bit more. By the time I got done with the backyard, I felt pretty beat… and hadn’t even started with the actual removal of all the house stuff yet!

Lining the Bagster with a layer of rocks.

It’s like some horrible puzzle for adults. Unlike puzzles for kids, this one brings back pain and returns no joy.

More backyard waste mixed in.

And now with some wood from upstairs. I was worried about fitting everything in here, so I took to using a portable circular saw to cut some of the boards to fit.

I probably got a little too obsessive with trying to perfectly maximize space.

A few bags with plaster and more debris. Near the end, I stopped caring about perfectly situated pieces and just dumped things in (since I had some room to spare).

Around 5PM, I made myself a cup of coffee and just sat on the front porch. Looking down, I was reminded of a phrase that my old coworker Tim told me about: “The shadows are getting long.”

It was something he and his childhood friends would say, when they were outdoors playing… and they realized they needed to pack up and head home. Luckily for me, I had a short way to go.

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