20×2 Chicago: Where Do We Start?

Showed up early at Schubas for 20×2 Chicago. Liz and I were meeting up with Bob and Julie, to get a bite to eat before the show.

Today is Liz’s birthday. And instead of us going out and doing something fun, she spent it helping me stuff 100 kazoos into sandwich bags.

Note: We’re actually celebrating her birthday on Sunday, with non-kazoo activities.

Props for my talk.

The room, filling up. I was a little nervous, given how bad the weather was – but we got a strong crowd, despite it being a rainy Friday evening.

About to take the stage. If you didn’t get to see this, and are wondering what this is all about… I told you, you really should have come out to Schubas!

Tonight’s event had an incredible assortment of styles and approaches: Rubik’s cubes, drawing, Etymology, and a keytar! Looking forward to the video being uploaded, and sharing them on here!

20×2 Chicago: How Does It Work?
20×2 Chicago: What Do You Want?

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