Mick the Rabbit Visits

While she’s away, Liz Rench has entrusted us with caring for Mick the rabbit once more. Having cared for him previously, we know a bit more of his needs – and know his routines/preferences.

Compared to his last visit, Mick is incredibly active! He still struggles a bit with circling from time to time, and we do check in to make sure he hasn’t fallen over on his side. But he’s moving around a lot more (and a lot faster) than last we saw.

His appetite remains… unabated, and continues to marvel. I’m not sure how such a small little guy can consume that much food. But he’s a machine!

In talking, we learned that Liz R adopted Mick around 2004. So he’s at least 14 years old, and definitely a bit older than that. Liz says she did some kind of online calculator thing, and Mick is definitely over 100 in terms of human years.

Watching Mick the Rabbit
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