Switching from Quicksilver to Alfred

With a new job comes a new laptop, and a lot of application installations. I’ve long been a fan and user of Quicksilver, but decided to drop a little money and give Alfred a go.

To be clear, Alfred is free to download and use – but the Powerpack is where the fun stuff is, IMO.

Despite my many years of use, I primarily used Quicksilver as a way to manage triggers/shortcus for opening applications. I had a few custom triggers that now feel like second nature to me, but hadn’t delved too deeply beyond that.

I was able to set up Alfred somewhat quickly, though it did take me a bit to wrap my head around workflows. And took me even longer to figure out how to creat my own custom web searches (and bind them to a custom shortcut).

But right now, I’ve reached parity in terms of shortcuts and setup, with Alfred pretty much letting me bop around to applications like I did wtih Quicksilver.

I’m still not very good at manipulating files and copying/moving them about, but I’m getting there.

Looking forward to exploring more of what can be done with triggers and workflows via Alfred. It’s been about a week, and so far… the transition has been decent. I don’t know that I’ll be going back.

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