Upgrading TextExpander

While we’re talking productivity apps, I have to mention TextExpander – another must-have app for me, on any machine.

I’ve been using a really old standalone version of TextExpander, as I didn’t want to deal with upgrading. A while back, the company changed the app to work off a subscription model… which really turned me off.

At $40/year, it felt like I’d be forced to re-purchase the app anew every year. While I did like many of the improvements, I was hesitant to drop this much… and held off upgrading.

Again, with a new job and a new machine, it felt like time. I happened across their discount pricing for users who are upgrading, and the $20/year subscription felt way more palatable.

While many of the newer features relate to teams and sharing, that’s not something I’m really utilizing. But it is making me think a bit about how other teams work at my company, and whether they might benefit from a shared library of snippets.

I use TextExpander pretty much constantly, as a way to quickly type frequently used URLs, email addresses, and even code snippets. I’ve got a few snippets that involve prompts, and let me type in a custom word/phrase before the snippet expands.

As with Alfred, I’m looking to dive a little deeper into my tools this year.

Silly TextExpander Snippets

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