Chicago Metro Gun Share Program, Daley Plaza

I happened across this, on my way home from work. At a distance, it looked like a regular Divvy bike-share station.

As I got closer, instead of a bicycle in each slot… there was a (fake) military-style gun. On each stand was a sticker that said “Unlock and load.”

There were a few others who, like me, had gathered around the installation. At first, I thought it was some tongue in cheek art setup – and it caused me to chuckle. I was tugging a little at each gun, and asked aloud if anyone had tried to “get one.”

On walking to the end of the installation, my mood immediately shifted. The messaging at the end of the installation was very sobering, and I immediately regretted my wisecrack a few moments prior.

First Divvy Bike Excursion: Downtown Chicago to Hyde Park

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