Powerwashing the Porches

Today, Liz and I had an outdoor house day. I spent some time with work stuff while Liz tended to the garden boxes. Around 2:30 PM, I headed out to mow the lawn.

After mowing, I decided I was going to use the power washer Bob loaned us (for the basement) on our front and back porches.

Sadly, I don’t have any good before/after photos. The after photos still show the porches with some wear, so they’re not sparkling and new. They’re cleaner and better, but still pretty worn.

That said, we got a lot of dirt cleared away, and the railings look a little better. Wondering how well the sidewalks out front will clean up.

Powerwashing the Basement
Final Cleaning and Washing of the Basement Floor
Porch Work, Yard Work

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