A Dreary, Productive Day Outside

Despite the overcast skies and gloomy day, Liz and I spent all afternoon yesterday out working in the back and front yards. While she was weeding in back, I mowed the lawn. After that, we shifted to working on the front yard.

The whole time we were outside, the sky looked like it was going to start pouring rain. Luckily for us, the weather reports held true and we were able to work without a drop. The dark skies did add a little urgency while we worked though, as it felt like we were always racing the rain.

I hauled out some mulch bags, and distributed them on spots for Liz. As she worked on mulch, I had the sad task of taking out our Japanese maple tree, which didn’t appear to make it this year.

The odd thing is – several other yards on this block have the same tree, but ours just never came back after the winter. Liz is pretty confounded, as there’s no good explanation for why. She bought the tree a few years ago, and apparently they should last for a long, long while.


A few yard decorations that Liz had removed, during the mulching process. I set them up on the steps, so we could have an audience while we worked.

A little after 7PM, we decided to call it a day. New mulch always makes the plants pop out, and it’s a lovely thing to see.

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