Remembering a Memorial

On my way home tonight, I was walking through Millennium Station and remembered the memorial for Wilbert Van Hooten. I realized I was looking in the wrong spot and, after some searching, found it. Or rather, I found where it used to be.

After looking up my old post, I verified that this was the spot. I walked over to the Information Desk to ask about the placard, and after a puzzled look – the guy at the desk told me they were going to have some renovations done, and were tearing down that whole wall.

I think of Van Hooten from time to time, after stumbling across his plaque a few years ago. About his love of jazz and him spinning records, and his unfortunate end.

When it was still up, I wondered how many other people saw it – and how many still stopped to read it. Now that it’s gone, I wonder if anyone else in Chicago notices it’s missing. Or if it’s just me.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the upcoming construction. And, afterwards, for the return of Mr. Van Hooten.

Memorial for Metra Conductor Wilbert Van Hooten

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