Vi Hart and Henry Segerman: Peace for Triple Piano

Vi Hart and Henry Segerman have made an incredibly cool music video called Peace for Triple Piano. You can view it here, but note: you can (and should) grab the video and look around. Give it a listen and a whirl:

This video has Hart and Segerman performing all the parts of a round, but presenting it in a single, continuous video that you can observe. Not only that, but multiple versions of each person exist (and interact with objects like sheet music and a hammer).

When you’re done scratching your head wondering how they pulled this off, here’s the making-of video:

I was following along for the first few minutes, but after a bit… it just got super, super complicated. More than I could follow. Needless to say, Hart and Segerman are pretty awesome, and I love that they devoted this much time to figure everything out.

In particular, I like Hart’s description of this video as “a spirally triply meta chiral time crystal.”

[via MetaFilter]

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