Serious House Planning

Liz and I have been talking a lot lately about our house plans. It culminated in us meeting tonight, going over our notes and thoughts, and laying things out on the able via index cards.

We listed out every “big” task we knew of, and tried to avoid the many small details related to each. In some cases, we noted some things per card – but tried to keep things top level.

We also listed out who we felt would be tackling the work, determining tasks for us, versus Bob, versus us hiring someone to do the work.

There’s a lot in the Bob column currently, and one of my major concerns is that we don’t want to throw more and ask more of Bob just to keep to our aggressive timeline. How this all shakes out, how feasible it all is… is a big conversation.

Our goal is to have our bedroom moved upstairs soon (by September 1). Once we’re off the first floor, we can go to down on the remaining wall demo down here. And then pull up the floors. Once that debris work is done, we can install the new furnace in the basement.

Some of these tasks (like the furnace install) are time-sensitive. We have some brick work repair we want to do, when the furnace is removed… so we need it to be not too cold when this happens. Which means we need to get to that by October 1. Which means we need to get the 1st floor demo done before then. Which means we need to get upstairs by… and so on.

It’s a big list. And I’m absolutely certain we’ve left out at least 2-3 weeks worth of work that we haven’t factored in yet. But our goal is to get a rough timeline of tasks, and to see about putting them in the right order.

This is what we’re hoping the next 5 months looks like…


House Planning for 2018

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