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Tonight, we met up with Bob for an early dinner – and to go over our timeline with him. For the most part, I feel like we did a good job capturing the correct order of operations for many things. But in discussing things, we were able to remove a card or two (though we ended up adding a few more).

Bob talked about how big jobs use a construction schedule, usually a grid that lays out each trade on its own row (electrical, floors, piping, sheet metal, etc). And there’s a ballpark number of days given for each trade per floor, and things get mapped out accordingly.

I feel like we’ve done a lot of the same work, albeit with a different approach. The “trades” are realy us: me and Liz, Bob, and the folks we’ll be hiring out for certain things.

In the planning that Liz and I did, we were wanting to hold off on the front office work until next year. There’s ceiling work there that we want to do, but it’s going to be involved – and so we thought it best to schedule that for later.

But one of our goals is to get new floors in, and it would be better for all the floors to be taken up on the second floor. And to also get some of the ceiling demo in as well.

Our timeline showed a lot of Bob tasks in the next month or two, with a lot more tasks for me and Liz in the subsequent months. The revised schedule felt better, as we’ve got more work to do now… in tandem with Bob’s work. Significantly more, actually – but it’s good.

While we have a better list in terms of sequence, we’ve got some more cards to add. And a next step will be to apply some rough hours/days to each card so we can map this all to a calendar.

With a project like this, the dates are going to fluctuate and change. Liz and I have no illusions about that. But our goal is to apply all this down to a calendar that we can reference on any given day, to see if we are on schedule, ahead of schedule, or falling behind. And if we’re falling behind, it gives us some insight into what our options/obstacles are… if we still want to hit our end date.

After talking, Bob took us upstairs to discuss some other options for setting up the furance room. A lot of good talk, and a lot of new plans for the coming months.

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