Pastry Chef Claire Saffitz Creates Gourmet Skittles

Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel has some really fun content online. Liz and I have really enjoyed watching Claire Saffitz try to recreate gourmet versions of junk food.

The video we started with was her attempt to make gourmet Skittles:

It’s incredible to watch Saffitz’s dedication to this process – and how many (failed) attempts it takes, with countless variations and tests and “hey, taste this” requests. While I don’t see myself wanting to make a gourmet candy anytime soon, it’s a pleasure to watch really talented people do their thing.

As a side note, we found her exchanges with Brad Leone to be pretty hilarious.

While I’ve only glanced at a few of the other videos on the channel, Saffitz’s videos by far at my favorite. If you liked the Skittles video, check out her other attempts at making gourmet Kit Kats, gourmet Gushers, and gourmet Twinkies

[via BoingBoing]

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