The Basement Office Shuffle

Today, I spent the day re-arranging things and doing the oh so familiar shuffle. I cleared up some room in the basement by consolidating a lot of boxes, throwing out some trash, and moving things to one side.

Carved out a little area, which I was planning to fill with extra items from our office (which we have to clear out).

Made sure to work carefully around the cove molding that Bob created for our stairs, which Liz has been staining and sanding and varnishing.

A quick peek at our basement stairs, with the ledge piece installed and stained and varnished.

Upstairs, I ended up covering some of the items in the office with tarp. This was a lazier solution, and didn’t involve me having to move anything out. Which was great, because I wasn’t really looking forward to walking all this stuff back downstairs.

Put up some visqueen to try to keep the dust down in this room.

Everything up against the walls.

Moving this wire rack around the corner was no small feat. Thankfully, I got it over here without either me or it tipping over and falling through the exposed floor.

Shuffle Shuffle
The Basement Shuffle

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