Office Ceiling Demo, Part 1

Today, Liz and I were working upstairs in the office while Bob was in the basement. On the docket: demo the office ceiling.

Our thinking was we wanted to open up the ceiling, and look at the turret area… to see what we were working with. Given our schedule, our plan was to open things up, assess, and then cover up the ceiling again with drywall (until we had more time to return to do the turret work).

And the demo begins!

Liz, conqueror of ceilings.

Because most of this area was inaccessible to us when we put insulation in the attic, a lot of nasty, gross insulation rained down on us.

It was really gross.

A horrible, dirty rain.

When Bob came in to check on things, he was immediately concerned about the structure of the turret. While there were several beams that should have been provding support, very few of them actually were. A lot of the beams had been cut, which meant that they were offering little to no support at all.

He quickly got a support column in place, as a precaution.

In removing all the plaster and insulation, we’d be helping the beams by reducing the weight. But now it looks like we have a bigger structural problem to contend with.

Bob had to leave in the afternoon, but Liz and I kept on working. She went back to the basement to continue work on the cove molding. We had gotten about half of the ceiling done in the office… so I stayed to work on the remaining half.

There’s a floor here, somewhere.

In the remaining hours of the afternoon/evening, I was able to get through all of the plaster.

It’s not 100% done, but we’re set to continue this work tomorrow night, after work.

All cleaned up, all bagged up.

Me, after throwing a few bags in the garbage.

Me again, after having cleaned my face off extensively with a few paper towels.

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