Dining Room and Hallway Demo, First Floor – Part 2

Back home after a relaxing evening/escape in Valparaiso… Liz and I went back to work cleaning up the walls a bit more. Bob was back home, fabbing up some duct work for us… and we were preparing things for their install.

I may need a new pair of gloves…

I fixed it!

While Liz was doing the last bits of demo, I tackled moving all the bags of plaster off our porch and into our tried and true Bagster bag.

I’ve also done this so many times now, I feel like I’m pretty good at this as well.

Inside, with the AC back up and running!

Drywall ready and waiting.

Bagster full of plaster and lathe.

Bob, installing some impossibly thing ducts.

It was really incredible watching these things just slide right into place. Bob had been doing a lot of calculations, trying to figure out how to get the proper amount of return air necessary for the whole first floor.

Working with the walls between the dining room and hall, he fashioned ducts to fit into the space between each joist. Interesting note: the joists were put into place 90 degrees off from how they’re normally installed. Bob told us this was common when dealing with pocket doors, which is what we have here.

All our ducts in a row.

Fast forward a bit into the evening, with some drywall placed up to prevent the bunnies from getting into trouble.

Drywall up, and kitchen rack back in place. We plan on having duct installed on this side as well, but that will happen later on… likely when we return to fully demo the first floor 100%.

Our dining room and hall area mostly back to normal. Or at least, what we call normal.

Bob hung out with us for a while at the end of the day. And then Liz and I worked just under two hours to finish cleaning and getting the rooms livable again.

By the time we showered and were ready for dinner, it was close to 9:30 PM.

Today was pretty hot, though not quite as bad as yesterday. Still pretty bad though. I was working outside for most of the time, and soaked my shirt through a few times… but being outside let me catch the occasional breeze, which was nice.

Utterly exhausting weekend. While we have more to do on the first floor, I’m now itching to take a demo hammer to the rest of the walls. I’m so very ready to get this floor whipped into shape so we can get the electrical in place, and then (soon, soon) get the floor put in.

September is our goal, for when the first floor demo starts up. Really can’t wait.

Dining Room and Hallway Demo, First Floor – Part 1

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  1. Hi Felix,
    wow, you guys have been incredibly busy! It all starts to take shape now, doesn’t it? :-)
    I’m not sure though, I understood the purpose of the ducts. Could you elaborate, please?
    Keep the great work up, the less dusty part of designing your home is approaching really fast! :-)

    M. Reply

    • As I understand it, for heating and cooling… there needs to be a certain amount of air coming into a room (supply) and an equal amount of air taken out (return). The amounts need to be equal, otherwise it causes the heating/cooling to get noisy (and less efficient).

      All the supply is set up for the first floor, and we’ll be installing the returns as we demo out the walls.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement!

      avoision Reply

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