Dinner on Devon with Alexandra, Lisa, and James

After work, Liz picked me up and we trekked up north to Devon Avenue for dinner with Alexandra, Lisa, and James at a place called Uru-Swati.

We also got to hang out with Wyatt and Cameron (who is so big now, it’s hard to believe).

Cameron apparently had a YOLO moment, and ordered what I think was the Paper Sada Dosa. And he got through over 50% of the thing on his own!

A brief view of our dishes.

We learned that right now has Alexandra in an incredibly busy moment in her life. She had just moved out of her apartment over the weekend (also in the brutal heat), moved in to her grandma’s house, quit her job recently, and began preparation for an intensive, year-long program focusing on portfolio and copy writing.

We were pretty lucky to set our dinner time when we did, as the place was fairly quiet when we showed up. But by the time we finished our meals, the whole restaurant was packed.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good photos of Alexandra/James. Sadly, I was pretty exhausted still from the weekend, and don’t feel like I was very good company. I think I was an ok conversationalist, but the whole day today… my brain felt like it was operating about 30 seconds behind the world.

Fun to see old friends – just wish I had more energy in the tank when we were hanging out.

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