Rest Day

While Liz was out getting the bunnies back, I mopped up the dining room area again and got everything back in place for their arrival.

I was standing outside with the lawnmower when I felt a few drops of rain. Thinking I’d wait it out, I stood there for a bit… only to have the sky really open up. So I took that as a sign, and called it a day.

I tried to do a bit of coding, but ended up reading in bed with Liz for a while. Then I had a nap for about 2+ hours. Something must have happened in that time, because my neck got really twisted… and I had a headache for the remainder of the evening.

It’s amazing how I still feel like I’m catching up for the work we did this weekend. My brain has been slower than normal at work, and my body still doesn’t quite feel like it’s gotten enough rest. We’ve got a busy day coming up this weekend, so I’m hoping I can get caught up before then.

[photo via Krista Mangulsone]

Dining Room and Hallway Demo, First Floor – Part 2
Dining Room and Hallway Demo, First Floor – Part 1

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