Lake Street Dive: Good Kisser

I’ve had Good Kisser by Lake Street Dive playing incessantly while at work this week. The moment I’m staring at VSCode, this song is playing in my ears.

I’m still waiting to find another song of theirs that I love as much as this one – but so far, this is the track that I’m locked into. The tempo of it, the key changes, all of it seems perfectly suited to the tone and speed of what I like, when coding.

If you’re gonna tell them everything
Don’t leave out the good part
Tell ’em the way that you broke my heart
When you told me that you missed her

While they’re great live (and there are several videos of them performing this song on YouTube), I’m sharing the song as it appears/sounds on the album.

Usually, when I like a song enough to loop it… I’ll go searching for a live version online. But for this song, it seems like I ultimately prefer the original. Obsessive compulsive indeed.

When You Kiss Me

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