Clearing Out the Kitchen

Bob was over today, and on our docket was the big job of clearing out our kitchen. Until now, it’s been the main “storage” area for the house, where a lot of items have just piled up over time. We’ve got two AC units, and two furnaces in there… along with a lot of wood/plywood, and some furniture items.

To help give Bob some room when he works in there (soon), we decided to make clearing the kitchen more of a priority. We had his help today in relocating the AC units, and one of the furnaces down into the basement. We moved the other furnace upstairs, to the office… where it will eventually get installed in its own furnace room.

First photo I have from the day is after we moved all this big items out. It was a good amount of work, and it felt like time for a beer (it was circa 1:30 PM). Here, Bob and Liz are checking out our house schedule – we’re using an online app to manage our Gantt chart at Tom’s Planner.

In addition to moving those big items out, we also cleared out a lot of smaller boxes and miscellaneous stuff. Some things we set to the curb, other things we sorted through and reboxed for storage in the basement.

It’s amazing to see the kitchen open again. I can’t tell you how great this feels.

I never knew that I’m prone to a little claustrophobia. For the most part, I’m fine with small/tight spaces… but when they happen to be part of my living quarters, I get a little more agitated. Walking into the kitchen was always rough for me, given how packed it was. Now, it’s super wide open again – and feels nice.

While Bob went out on a supply run, Liz and I dug out his cement mixer from beneath our back porch. We tested it to make sure it was working, as we’ll be using this as part of a big cement pour next weekend (at Katie’s house though, not ours).

We had a few extra windows that we set out to the curb. Liz noticed that this license from 1978 was affixed to it.

Another window, with another license, circa 1974. I wonder where this came from?

One big item that was in our kitchen was this 1950’s era cast iron kitchen sink and base. We didn’t set this to the curb, but we’re looking to sell it. If you’re interested, drop a line.

The bit at the drain is actually some old concrete, and comes right up – the enamel is actually fine underneath.

The sink cleans up pretty well. It’s just a little larger than we need, and since our space is at a premium right now… it needs another home that’s not ours.

Big day today. We loaded up Bob’s truck with a lot of stuff for him to take back to Valpo. We had a lot of excess beadboard we no longer need, the cement mixer, and two end tables that our house isn’t quite ready for yet.


We got a lot of things cleared out, space in the kitchen now, and we had an incredibly productive day. Now if we could only get a weekend to recuperate, before going back to work tomorrow.

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