Floor Insulation, Part 1

After work, Liz and I started to put in some insulation in between the floor joists on the second floor. With a lot of the old/unused gas pipes removed, the space is pretty clear for us to get this insulation down.

After measuring, the process we had involved Liz cutting lengths of insulation in the hallway while I positioned them in place. When we were talking about this task with Bob a few days ago, Bob said I sounded a little cocky when I talked about walking across the joists.

I think he was tickled at how comfortable I now feel, given how timid I was when we were walking across the joists in the kitchen. But I think having an open floor is still something that would give me pause.

Liz was also worried I was getting a little cocky, so I’ve been taking pains to walk with care. I definitely feel more comfortable navigating around across the joists – but the absolute last thing I want to do is fall, and have my leg go through the ceiling.

All told, we knocked this out prety fast. We knew the work would go quickly, but neither of us realized just how easy this would be. Pictured here is about 3 rolls of insulation, so we’ve got another 5 to pick up and install, before we can finish up this room and the master bedroom.

Looking back over these open and clean joists, I feel really proud of the work I did over my vacation between jobs (links below). It’s not how I wanted to spend that free time, but gave us a great opportunity to get a large task on our list done. And made today that much easier.

Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 1
Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 2
Guest Room Floor Demo

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