That Can’t Be Good

There’s some serious road construction planned for our street, with about 2-3 blocks fully off-limits for the span of about 4 weeks. It’s water related work, and given what’s happened near us… we imagine the whole street is going to get dug up soon.

Walking home today, I saw a trickle of water in the street. It’s been there for a while, due to some street workers opening up a nearby fire hydrant, and then tightening it up again (but leaving it a little loose, and leaking ever so slightly).

But today? Today was different.

By the hydrant, I looked and saw a nearby manhole cover in the street basically leaking a small, steady amount of water. Which I found utterly bizzare.

My guess is that wherever there’s a manhole cover, there’s enough space for a person to actually go down a ladder… with space under the street for standing. I’m not sure what happened, but in my mind that cavernous space is full to the brim with water, and spilling out topside.

Liz thinks they’ve plugged up some water line, as a prep sep before they do their work. Which makes sense to me. But still – for the water to fill up that much to then spill out? It was just unnerving to see.

Uncovering an Enormous Water Pipe
Waking Up to the Sound of Running Water

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