Floor Insulation, Part 2

Liz and I got home to find that Bob totally removed the temporary furnace, and moved it over into the office. The two of us had a house night planned, and with the way clear… we were able to throw down a little more insulation.

We brought up a sheet of plywood from the kitchen, and split up our tasks: Liz focused on measuring and cutting insulation while I went and removed the last bits of floor in the master bedroom (which the furnace had been sitting on).

We’re at a point now where we are installing sound proofing insulation, underneath where the furnace room will be.

This is a really small thing, but it’s actually quite exciting!

I got the remaining floor removed, cleaned up a little with the shop vac, and we got a few more spaces filled.

Working at home after being at work all day isn’t fun – but we’ve structured things to get a little bit done, each time we have a house night. We shoot for maybe 90 minutes to two hours, and then call things in time to feed the bunnies their dinner (and maybe squeeze in a beer on the porch, to decompress).

We do a little work, we make a little progress, and we still have a little of our night to relax. It seems like a good balance for us.

I have to say – seeing all the insulation down makes me feel really good. Pulling up all the floors was not a pleasant project, and it always felt incomplete after I got done. Seeing all the insulation in place, it feels like all that prior work is now paying off, and coming to a close.

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