Shoulder Rest

So I went to the doctor today, after experiencing some discomfort in my shoulder for the past few weeks. It started hurting a bit maybe three weeks ago, and it was constant enough to where I set up an appointment.

Since that time, it seems to have gotten better – occasionally. Some mornings, I’ll wake up with it sore, and other times it’ll feel just perfectly fine.

The issue for me is that when I lift my arm a certain way (particularly when I try to raise my arm above my shoulder), there’s a slight catch. It’s a bit of pressure, and slight pain. I can extend my arm up 100%, but it’s the process of getting there that sometimes is problematic.

Today and right now, it’s pretty good. I sense some resistance when I raise my arm, but it’s markedly better than a few weeks ago.

When I met with my doctor, he put me through several strength tests. And tried to see if pressure in various spots hurt (it didn’t). He then asked if, around the time I first experienced my symptoms, whether I had performed any repetitive motions.

In thinking back, it was a bit before the cement pour in Cedar Lake. Right before that, we demo-ed a wall. Which involved some pretty repetitive motions. And even before that, we did more demo on the first floor, which might also have contributed.

For now, I’m to rest and hold off on any more work – and give my shoulder some time to recover. My doctor thinks it’s tendonitis, and should technically heal on its own. He said that if it’s not completely clear in the next two weeks, I should look into physical therapy.

Things do feel better now than a few weeks ago, but we’ll see how much more things heal. We have a lot of demo slated for September, and I’m itching to get to that work – and hope my shoulder is in a place that it can keep up with our plans.

Well, at least this is an injury that allows me to keep my dignity.

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