Quick House Night

After work, Liz and I put in a little time on the house. Bob’s been over all week, and by the time we get home… there are a few tasks for us to attend to (some clean-up, some prep work before his next visit).

Liz, measuring out insulation for the remaining joist spaces in the master bedroom.

Floor nearly filled up. Not sure if you can see it, but there’s a bit of conduit down that wasn’t there before. Very exciting stuff!

Liz, removing some patched bricks in the chimney (on the kitchen side). This is for some lines that are going to run upstairs, and she’s clearing this away so Bob has a place to work. The original patchwork here was really bad, so we’ll hopefully have this looking better once everything is said and done.

Floor Insulation, Part 2
Floor Insulation, Part 1

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