Top of the Stairs

Came home after work to find that Liz had already suited up and had gotten a ton finished on the second floor. On our to-do list: pull up the floor, near the top of the stairs on the second floor – so that Bob can put down some plywood, in order to build a new wall.

Part of the work involved prying loose some wall studs on the other side of our bathroom closet. These pieces were pretty nailed in, and required using the Sawzall to cut through the nails – which Liz did. She also spent about 20 minutes prying the pieces loose by hand, and was pretty well beat by the time I got home.

For me, I was to cut rip up the floorboards here – between the bannister and the start of the bathroom door.

Liz took this photo of me, standing at the top of the stairs.

Walking across joists when there’s some drywall below is one thing… but when it’s wide open like this, it’s a little more daunting. It’s technically the same steps and motions, but the stakes just feel a little higher when you can see below.

Liz, cleaning out the joists, in order to put down some insulation.

Leaning out over the abyss, cleaning the joists.

So this is the path from the stairs to our bathroom/office. Temporary, and a little slapdash… but we’re looking to get a new layer of plywood down soon.

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