Hallway Demo, Revisited

Liz and I spent a long day today, working alongside Bob. While he was focusing on electrical work, Liz and I took down the plaster and lathe on the one remaining hallway wall.

I’m not sure why we skipped this, the last time we were doing demo. I think we were just focused on the small area at the time… and it would have been better, perhaps, to just get it all finished in one shot back then.

Today was a longer day, but we called it around 6PM. It’s a little odd now that there’s so much room up here (see what I did there), with the plaster and lathe gone. But it’s all really exciting to see.

I’m still amazed at what happens to time, when we work on the house. Once we get going, the hours just seem to slip by. I’m not sure why that is, because during the whole process… it’s not something I’d describe as “enjoyable” or fun.

I lose track of time when I’m playing video games, or if I’m coding a personal project. Or writing. Usually, that loss of time happens when I’m absorbed in a fun activity. But it also seems to happen a lot, when working on the house – either outside in the yard, or doing long work like demo.

There’s a satisfaction to the work. But on days like today, there’s also a moment or two of surprise – whenever I look up and see the time, I’m usually off by an hour… sometimes two.

Goodbye, Railing
Top of the Stairs
Hallway Demo

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