Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 2

Today was an odd day for me, as I was planning on it being a vacationd day… but ended up working remotely all day. We’re racing a big deadline and, as of yesterday afternoon, I made the decision not to hand off some work I was doing to another team member.

Ultimately, it was easier for me to keep plugging away – so that’s what I did for most of today. But though I was working, boy was the view something else.

Every so often, I’d step out of the office I was in and stepped out to the balcony to take in the view.

Downstairs on the back deck, just outside the kitchen.

In the evening, the kids were participating in a local event/show (the first of two nights). While they were out, Liz and I went for a nice meal with Kirt and Anne (who had arrived in the late afternoon).

I was pretty heads down all day in code, but got finished on time and was slowly adjusting to the weekend when 5PM hit.

Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 1

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