Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 3

Isabelle, taking Sandy out for a spin. She really wasn’t too happy at first, but seemed to get more comfortable after a while.

Heading out to Lake Michigan.

Tubing on the lake.

Anne and Jacksone, holding on.

Liz and Kirt, posing for a photo with Anne and Jackson in the background.

Wait, I hear you asking… if you’re taking the photo, who’s driving the boat?

Why that would be Captain Isabelle.

Later that night, the whole family joined the neighborhood for the annual production of “Sylvan Beach Jinks” – a local show that happens every year.

This was a really big community event. Kirt and I showed up maybe 20 – 30 minutes before the show was to start, and nearly half of the seats were empty. Empty and already claimed, via hats or programs or literal ropes laid across them.

This year’s program was the 110th show. Let that sink in for a bit – it’s been going on for over a century!

The show’s theme was broadway tunes, and Jackson got to perform “Greased Lightning.”

Isabelle, performing “You’re the One That I Want.”

Post-show, we headed back to the house. The amazing thing is that we were barely half a block away, and could walk over in just about five minutes.

Funny story – during intermission, Kirt had the idea to head back to the house for some drinks. I went with him, and we returned with wine, beer, and a margarita for the second half. Awfully convenient!

As a celebration, we all headed out for ice cream. Jackson wanted to hit a place called “Dairy Treat,” but while we were en route Anne noticed that we were getting near closing time (10 PM).

A quick Google search later, we that another ice cream show called Pekadill’s also closed at 10PM, but it was several minutes closer. So we called an audible, called Kirt’s car, and we all met up there instead.

A lovely close to a very event-filled day.

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