Water Rushing Out and Back In

Remember how, about a month ago, I saw a lot of water leaking out of a manhole cover? Well, that was during a time where there was some road work happening, along the nearby streets.

I came home yesterday, and found a lot more water coming out of that thing. So much so, that it was gurgling up from the manhole cover.

And instead of trickling to the nearby sewer grate, it gathered up… and made a small trench down the street!

Mysteriously, it ended about 60 feet away… and kept circling in this one spot. It was unclear ot me where the water actually went from here. I’m assuming it just found some opening and is going under the road itself? Or is leaking down to some other sewer grate?

It’s no small amount of water, so to have it rush down here, pool and swirl around, and then just seemingly disappear is kind of baffling. I kept expecting it to overflow and rush out, but it just gets here and… goes away.

Which I guess is good, since it stops before it gets to our house. But it’s still disconcerting, and it’s still a decent amount of water. I hope they fix this soon.

That Can’t Be Good
Early Morning Roadwork

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