Water Problems

Some updates from yesterday’s water issue: on arriving home, I noticed that the water pressure had dropped significantly in the house. I wasn’t sure it was just us, so I went around and asked a few neighbors. It seemed others on the block were all experiencing the same drop in water pressure.

It wasn’t terrible, and things still functioned – but it was noticeable.

Yesterday morning, I got an email (we have an active email list for the block), saying that someone had spoken to the contractors who are doing all the street work. Those workers said it was the city’s responsibility. And apparently the city water department had come out yesterday, and said it was the contractor’s responsibility to fix.

After joining others in reporting the issue to 311 and our Alderman, eventually repairs began happening in the late morning. I think for many of us on the block, we didn’t care who fixed the problem – so long as someone did, without things getting worse.

Oh, and the area of water did indeed spread from where it was at, since yesterday.

Here’s a bit of video from the repair work that eventually/finally took place.

Apparently, the water was shut off for a few hours. And then later in the afternoon, everyone got these notices on their door:

So on my way home, I stopped off to buy a ton of bottled/distilled water. Some for drinking, some to do base tasks like washign hands and brushing teeth. We’re boiling water and using that for our dishes, but what a total pain.

We learned from Bob that, whenever the water pressure drops, there’s a chance that things like E. coli can get into the water, and the city usually issues these “boil” notices. Knowing this, we threw out all the Brita water we filled yesterday, when the water pressure was low.

I’m guessing all of this is a precaution, but the water pressure thing is a good thing to learn. In the future, if the water pressure ever drops – I’ll know it’s time to stop trusting the water for a bit.

I’m still wondering where all the water went to. And presumably, if this all started back in July, where it’s all been going since then.

Water Rushing Out and Back In

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